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The history of:  Medical Bio Care AB  &  Medical Photo Bio Care AB

Established in 2004, the MPBC AB HQ was set up in Gothenburg. Being the second largest city, Gothenburg is located on the west coast of Sweden. The business idea of todays MBC teams, are still to continue to evolve the ground-breaking work of Mr. Morgan Gustavsson, it is an extremely important scientific reference for us. We also made the decision to maintain a very high level of swift and accurate customer service, this decision was a cornerstone in the MPBC AB setup organization. We definitely aimed to take the level of service and business empathies, to a level of ex-cellence, where others before us not have succeeded fully. We take pride in having our Customers feeling content and pleased with our commitment and eagerness to always do our very best. We have chosen to enter this dynamic and ever changing market, mostly thanks to our very strong belief in the Plasmalite system and the FPL technology as a whole. It is the most superior technology in the light treatment field towards humans and we are proud to stand behind it. As well as to try to develope it further into todays and tomorrows modern communication network areas, etc.

First and foremost, it includes Mr. Gustavsson's patented technology. In particular, the so well received Plasmalite FPL systems. We have received Mr. Gustavsson's official approval and blessings, to manufacture, market and distribute the Plasmalite systems freely. Please note that we are the only company in the world, besides Mr. Gustavsson's USA-based AMBC Inc., who actually had the proper and officially proclaimed agreement to utilize the, by Mr. Gustavsson, patented and well documented FPL - Fluorescent Pulsed Light technology. The above AMBC Inc. entity, as was located to the Industrial office area of NewPort Beach in Orange County in CA, has been disolved since some years ago now (in July 2007). Mr. Gustavsson's solid top ambitions to move to USA and try to introduce the FPL Technology towards to Elite Top Segment of Medical Doctors only in USA failed; mainly due to local US extreme costs as should be taken and organized all by him self at then, as one single business venture only . .

Mr. Gustavsson (de facto as an SE educated MD himself) initiated his Swedish Scientific Research idéas on IPL and IPL Systems in the late 1980's. He had an inventive and quite unorthodox approach to the "Treatment-by-Light"-theories. That, as well as the unique HW systems developed by the company MBC - Medical Bio Care, created an entirely new and unique market segment in the field of dermatology and nonablative cosmetic treatments. Very early in the development of MBC's unique systems, Mr. Gustavsson utilized the technology that would come to be widely accepted and acknowledged as visible FPL light, e.q. simply a new higher further more efficient IPL light source. With a huge market potential following, new competitors saw the light of day in an ever so steady stream. The market itself, commercially bloomed and boomed around 1998 - 2000. However, at MBC today, we still be bold and state that we believe the market segments is still in its cradle. The worlds stady population growth of young new clients will be the solid base for MBC's human friendly services and business. There are no known nor estimated reasons for why all growing educated populations should be backup endorced by authorities to be exposed for more dangerous laser light sources ever.


Address: Medical Bio Care Networks
PO Box 5127
SE 402 23 Gothenburg

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Mr. Anders Smideland; MSc CEO
Admin: Intellectual Property Rights,
International Distributors Contracts,
International Finances, Management
QA Procedures Acc to: Med-ISO13484.
General MBC Policy forward issues.
Tel: +46-31 708 34 00
Mobil: +46-70 718 20 00
Skype: anders.smideland

Ms. Galina B.; Econ.
Economy: Bookkeper, Gov.Taxes

Mr. Anders Smideland; CEO
International Sales: PL Business Advisor.
e-mail CC:
Tel: +46-31 708 34 00 (LTime: 12h)
Mobil: +46-70 718 20 00
Skype: anders.smideland

Mrs. Kathy S. ; Overseas Sales.
Head of Sales in USA & Canada:
PL Investment Business Coordinator,
Participate in Major Aesthetic Exhibitions,
PL Marketing Advertising, Sales Promo, PR,
Direct Sales & Org State Distributors Contracts,
Organize Finance-, Rental- & Leasing Contracts,
Organize US & CA Clinics PL VIP Demo Support,
Organize US & CA PL User Education Programs,
Organize US & CA States PL Distributors Support,
Organize US & CA PL Technical Service Contracts,
Organize US & CA Logistics and Warranty Claims,
Coord. Management Procedures Acc to: ISO13484.
Office: 400 Locust Lane, East Hills, New York.
Cell: +1-347-653-4673

Mr. Peter J. or Mr. Håkan T. or Mr. Christer K.
Scandinavian PL Sales: Customers PL Support,
PR, Advertising, Sales Promo Coordinations,
Estethic Clinic Business Built-Up Advisors,
Estethic Clinic Equipment Finance Advisors,
Admin Finance-, Rental- & Leasing Contracts,
Annual PL Technical Service Contracts.
- Siemens Finance AB Advisors:
- Wasa Kredit AB Finance Advisors:
- Nordic Finance AB Advisors:
Web Ref:
Web Ref:
e-mail CC:
Office: Sven Källfelts gata 204, Nya Varvet
426 71 Västra Frölunda, Sweden.
Tel(office): +46-31 708 34 01 (LTime: 12h)
Mobil1: PJ: +46 70 540 18 31
Mobil2: HT: +46 70 998 98 50
Mobil3: CK: +46 73 251 23 29

Mr. Jens Ljungman, Siemens Finance Partner.
Stibor 90 terms, Medical Business Support,
Estethic Clinics Buil-Up Business Support.
Siemens Financial Services AB, SE repr:
Tel(Gbg): +46-31 708 34 00 (LTime: 8h)
Tel(Umeå): +46-90 200 20 00
Mobil: +46-70 297 87 69

Mrs: Elizabeth Moberg; Appl. Expert.
Ref: PL Owner FPL Dermathology Advisor,
Clinical FPL Users Education Support,
PL WorldWide Consultant Specialist.
Senior Member in: SHR - Sveriges
Hudterapeuters Riksorganisation:
Faces Hudvårdscenter AB
Derma ProMedical:
Full SE PL Distributor in yrs: 2002-2008.
Still SHR Members PL sales discount advisor.
Storgatan 1A, 334 33 Anderstorp, SE.
Tel: +46-371 184 77
Mob: +46-70 003 92 55

Mrs. Tove-Lise Opland, Appl. Expert.
Ref: PL Owner FPL Dermatology Advisor,
Clinical FPL Users Educational Support,
Clinical FPL Demo Support Väst.
Gymnasiegatan 2, 442 34 Kungälv, SE.
Mobil: +46-70 871 15 05

Prof. Maria Strömme; NanoTechn R & D.
Department of Engineering Science.
Ångströmslaboratoriet, Uppsala University, SE.
Ref: FPL Stud Resistant Bacterial Applications.

MDr. Karin Bandling; Eye Spec.
Ref: PL Owner FPL Applications Advisor.
PL MD SE & NO Consultant Specialist.
Nygatan 52, 931 30 Skellefteå, SE.
Tel: +46-910 77 93 30

MDr. Anders Barth; Gynecologist.
Ref: PL Owner FPL Applications Advisor,
Ladies PL MD SE Consultant Specialist,
Södra vägen 2, 411 39 Gothenburg, SE.
Tel: +46-31 81 29 40

Mr. Freddie Gunnarchefson; Logistics.
Mr. Charles Gunnarbrorson; Logistics.
PL Stock of Supply: Imports, Exports,
Logistics: Flash Lamps, Filters, SpareParts,
e-mail1 CC:
e-mail2 CC:
Tel1: +46-31-708 34 00 (LT: 8 h)
Tel2: +46-70 718 20 00 (backup)
PL SpareParts now also via our
24/7h WebOnLine services.

Mr. Oivind Emanuelsson; Dipl. Ing.
PL Production Mgr. & PL Techn. Mgr:
PL Technical Distributors Support.
PL Technical Logistics Support.
HW & SW Quality Control Inspector.
PL Warranty Claim Reports Admin,
PL Manufacturing Acc to: ISO13484.
EMCA Electroservice HB assist
e-mail CC:
Tel: +46-31-708 34 00 (LTime: 12 h)
Mob: +46-70 862 00 01

Mr. Alexander Carlborg; Graphics.
IT-Web Designer, MBC WebMaster.
Tel: +46-31 708 34 00
Office: +46 31 708 34 00
Mobile: +46 707 18 20 00


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