Plasmalite FPL Digital

Spare parts:

MBC has normally all spare parts in stock for instant global delivery. If you You need any kind of spare part to our
std units: Plasmalite FPL or Plasmalite FPL Digital. If you are an Authorized Distributor make shore you got out your USERNAME and your PASSWORD as one option method how to place your order spare parts. If you need tecnical assistance and/or any advices feel free to contact any of our engineerings- or other support teams:
Phone: +46 31 708 34 01
Mobile: +46 735 18 24 01
Skype : Fredrik
Phone: +46 31 708 34 01
Mobile: +46 735 39 06 94
Skype : Jani 

You can also order spare parts by e-mailing any of our office personnel.

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