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 -   Our MBC Group of management is comitted to always offer a full 110 % support towards 

      all loyal Plasmalite distributors networks and family members. We are happy to say it again:

    <<  Welcome to stay on board with MBC Networks towards a common strong future >>

Serious request and contacts can be e-mail forwarded within our PL Distributors Network below (x):

Any new potential Distributors, are welcome to contact us and qualify in for any open Territories (x):

Select your Red or Green light below, easy and staight forward for you to just go on and contact us.

- If you click on the Red links you are welcome to e-mail via us to your selected PL network member:

- If you click on the Green links you can e-mail your request direct to the CEO management of the MBC Group.

(x)  1.          Excellent Senior Management, some > 200 x PL units sold.

                                               Our Previous Senior team has become Wealthy and Retired by age.
                                                           Welcome, open to Qualify in for a new JP Distributor.

(x)  2.     Excellent Senior Management in combination with MD skills.

(x)  3.       Welcome, open to Qualify in for any serious CN Distributor.

(x 4.    A Derma pro Teamwork group with no limits, a lost contact!

  5.      World successes by means of a strongest MD Management.

(x 6.    Vacant, history records --> The Contract was Terminated. 

                                                          All history Finances and Relations are in good balance. 

   Welcome, open to Qualify in for a new Distributor. 

(x)  7.   Vacant, history records --> The Contract was Termin.

                                             All history Finances and Relations are in good balance.

                                             Welcome, open to Qualify in for a new Distributor.

(x)  8.       This Distribution is Reserved for to be Reorganized.

(x)  9.                         Still Vacant --> But in a Pending Status.

Welcome if the Pending Contract not will be closed.

  10.  Vacant, some history Records -> Some is done here before.    

Welcome, open to Qualify in for a new Distributor.

(X)  11.            Our previous Distributor in Taipei is still with us.

(x 12.     Our previous NL Distributor failed in LoyalityRe-Org. 

(x)  13.        Vacant, history Records --> Plasmalite is all Virgent.

  Welcome, open to Qualify in for a new Distributor.

(x)  14.          Half Vacant, history Records --> Yes, in Barcelona.

  Welcome, open to Qualify in for a new Distributor.

(x)  15.         Vacant, history Records --> Yes, some units sold. 

                        Welcome, open to Qualify in for a new Distributor.

(x) 16.     Reserved, to be coordinated by the DE Distributor.

           Welcome, open to Qualify in for a new DE Distributor.

(x) 17.  A long DE history track. Many units where distributed in

         a unique: "Perfect Skin" frenchasing DE network consept.

     Top level DE TV shows exposed all for PL when opened up.

    However, pirate non FPL filters was used at a later stage as

   contributed to that some non FPL units was allowed to enter

     into the German market. New Interests came in, as in some

             respects lowered the so fine original Plasmalite DE reputation. 

            Also by means of it's non optimal clinical effects, and by that

             some pirate caused side effects was a reality versus treatment costs.

                             Welcome, open to Qualify in for a new DE Distributor.

(x) 18. Austria@medicalbiocare .se      Acive, some PL's in Wiena managed by our DE Distrib.

(x) 19.      A long UK history. Also here pirate consumables

      contributed to lower the Plasmalites UK reputation.

     However, many PL units was distributed in UK before this.

 There was an intence booming period before MPBC AB times.

The UK Territory is Pending for a new London Distributor.

(x)  20. One of the 1:st Territories where Plasmalite 1:st boomed.       

(xx) 21.     Half Vacant, history Tracks --> Several Units are Sold. 

  Negotiable Territory to set up a possible business in.

   Welcome with an offer, open to Qualify in here.                   

(x) 22.     Vacant, history Records --> No Activity, all virgent.

                Welcome, open to Qualify in for a new Distributor.

(x) 23.  A long respectful history with two previous joint Pro-Distributors.

                                               Today welcome, open to Qualify in for a new Active Distributor.

(x) 24.      Our Senior Moscow teams stands for Loyality and Accuracy.

(x) 25.            Stands for Bizz Proffessionalism and optimal PL use.

(x) 26.         Stds for grt Potentials in finance, knowledge and guts.

(x) 27.         Soon booming, to only be supported harder from us.

(x) 28.             A new Distributors Contract was almost in hand,

                                                                but the final negotiations failed, unfortunately.

                         Welcome, open to Qualify in for a new Distributor.

(x) 29.                Serviced by MBC's local Scandinavian Sales.

(x) 30.               Welcome, open for a new local Distributor.

(x) 31.            Welcome, open for a new local Distributor.

(x) 32.       Our Swedish market is pending for to be reorganized.

(x) 33.         A new Distributors Contract has been entered in for US.

(x) 34.    A new Distributors Contract has been entered in for CA.

(x) 35.  Half Vacant, history records --> Some Plasmalite sold.

(x) 36:  Vacant - Pending sub territories, most all still open.

(x) 37.  Vacant, some history Records --> Some units sold.

(x) 38:              All Vacant, several new distributors are pending.

                                Our previous all over Region Distributor started to fight internally!

                   Instead now more Local Sub Region Distributors are welcome to contact us.

(x39.       Vacant, history Records --> No Activity, all virgent.

(   Vacant, history Records --> No Activity, all virgent. 

(             Vacant, history Records --> No Activity, all virgent.    

                  // Dear all trustfull Plasmalite friends and money makers, we
wish you a very nice day:  MBC Group/CEO/AS  


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