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Technical support

Please feel free to contact us with any questions You may have:

Primary tech. support:   Plasmalite > 11 years of experience.                                                                                                                                                                         
Phone: +46 31 708 34 01
Mobile: +46 735 39 06 94
Skype : jani_mpbc

Secondary techn. backup support:  Plasmalite > 10 years of experience.                                                          
Mobile: +46 735 18 24 01
Skype : fredrik_mpbc

Welcome to all our collected experiences in order to support you out.

A Plasmalite Unit will last for ever if taken proper care for by means of a regular service
and maintenance program 
as adviced in the Plasmalite FPL Maintenance Manual.


Any use of anything else than original Plasmalite spareparts, lamps, filters and consumables will shorten the lifetime of the unit for you. And to do so can enter your clients into dangerous medical situations.  And any such attemts to do so will give the Plasmalite produkt an irrecovable bad reputation in your region. Please also note that MPBC AB will not accept any Warranty Claims for units as our laboratory from times to another easy find out if so has been done. One statistically secured failure comes from be the goldplated mil. speced Anode and Cathode connectors for the lamp, as to many times has been find out to be widened and destroyed as a consequene of using pirate lamps without proper physical tolerances!

The MBC original UV Blockfilter in the Hand Piece is adviced to be service replaced
with a 
100 000 lampflash intervall mimimum, for safety precaution reasons.

The internal Disposable Water Filter Cartridge is adviced to be replaced with regular
maintenace intervalls for a secured cooling and by so optimal FlashLamp lifetimes.

All Plasmalite Units are assembled with selected original MBC quality parts as
originates from not less than fourteen (14) x Industrial countries.

Good luck with your Territory as a serious Distributor.





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